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About Us



GOLDWIN HOLDINGS LIMITED is focusing on mosquito traps and attractant research,development, design and production. Product market are China, the United States, and Australia.


Our research team is lead by Dr. S. Liu, Dr. M.Y. Cao, and chemist Ms. C.X. Liu, who worked with American Biophysics Co. since 1997. They are involved in the research and development and production of the first commercial Mosquitomagnet. Dr. Liu returned to China in 1999 and found TOPEAST (Hong Kong) Limited Co., which manufactured Mosquito parts for Woodstream. Dr. Cao and Ms. Liu acquired several U.S. patents, including the invention of attractant LurexR which improves the Aedes aegypti mosquito capture efficiency dramatically. Dr. Liu and his team have developed the Maxttrac series using UV plus attractant technologies. Breeze, Uno, Uno-Pro, Uno-plus and Uni-R models are all light and effective, and can be used both indoors and outdoors.


Maxttrac traps  has been found to be one of the best traps for catching vector-borne mosquitoes, including Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus. 


Maxttrac traps were granted multiple patents including the Japanese invention patent (No. 5941932), Chinese invention patent (ZL2013 10451010.2), and others. Using attractant technology for indoor mosquito traps, our food-grade formula is a non-toxic attractant certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of the United States and SGS of Switzerland.


The Maxttrac series is user-friendly and provides a comfortable living environment.




2020  Opened 'Maxttrac' store on JD.COM
2019  Entered the Australian and New Zealand markets.
2019  Granted China invention patent.
2019  Donated mosquito traps to poor countries such as Gansu Province.
2019  Maxttrac mosquito traps were used in mosquito vector surveillance in various provinces including Guangdong, Yunnan and Fujian.
2018  Maxttrac products were recommended for anti-malarial programs in Africa.
2017  The attractant was approved by the EPA in the United States.
2017  R&D cooperation with US Dynamic Solutions LLC.
2017  Uno plus was patented for its design.
2017  Launched Maxttrac traps in China AEON, a Japanese supermarket.
2016  Japanese invention patents granted.
2016  Obtained U.S. ETL product certification.
2015  Breeze and Uno was granted US design patents.
2015  Attractant obtains utility model patent.
2015  Established Dongguan Fangsheng Biotech Co., Ltd. 
2015  Dr. M.Y., Cao and Ms. C.X. Liu, Joint Maxttrac R&D team.
2014  Granted EMC, FCC, LVD and RoHS certifications.
2014  Granted the Chinese utility model patent, the Maxttrac trademark, and SGS non-toxic attractant certification.
2013  The Maxttrac mosquito trap was tested in Japan

2012  Started research and development of in-door mosquito trap and attractant.

2003  Started manufacturing Mosquito Magnet parts for U.S. client.


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