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 Mosquito Magnet series maintenance tips  



  Three weeks A month First use quarterly other Remarks
Attractant replacement     Applicable to all 
 Replace 10 Kg liquified petroleum gas tank     Applicable to all models
 Replace 15 Kg liquified petroleum gas tank     Applicable to all models

Clean the mosquito stocrage bag

  More than half a bag of mosquitoes, please clean up in time Applicable to all models
Charging batteries       Applicable MM3300 model


  • Precautions:

1. Mosquito Magnet is for outdoor use only, do not place it indoors or in a closed environment.

2. Do not install machine in main entrance or emergency exit.

3. Put machine in a protective cage with warning signs in crowded areas.

4. Avoid placing machine on cement surfaces and/or under direct sunlight.

5. Do not install machine near a fire source.

6. Avoid putting the wind tunnels and/or low air exchange places

7. While using, do not spread pesticide.



Maxttrac series maintenance tips 



  • Attractant

Change the attractant every 30 days when the temperature is below 30 degrees Celsius; when the temperature is above 30 degrees Celsius, it is recommended that you change the attractant every 15 days.


  • Mosquito storage box.

1. Clean storage box when it's about a third full.

2. Wash storage box regularly.

3. Replace storage box if the net is damaged.


  • Caution:

1.Leave trap on 24/7 for best catching efficiency.

2. Keep children away from the trap.

3.Do not leave the indoor trap outside without roofing.

4. Do not stare at LED.

5.Clean the storage box and machine, change the attractant every 30 days.

6. Do not touch or swallow the attractant.

7. Turn off the machine before cleaning.

8. If the storage box is damaged, replace it immediately.

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