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Q1:How long before seeing results?
MAXTTRAC is using the attractant to attract female mosquitos, the female mosquito populations will be
reduced gradually. With that, the breeding cycle is broken. If used correctly, within 7 to 14 days,
populations of female mosquitos will have been greatly reduced. Close the screen door and windows to
prevent new ones from coming in. According to the mosquito growing cycle, it would be totally disrupted
in 6 weeks.

Q2: Why is it not catching any mosquitos?
Please check whether the attractant is out.
Check if the attractant container is pierced. Check if the holes are large enough.
Check the location of the machine. Please refer to the suggestion placement graph.
Change the attractant every 30 days. It is possible that the attractant is out.
Leave the machine on and only turn it off when changing the attractant or when the net needs
Q3: How to get the maximum impacts from the machine?
1.Place it at the best location.
Mosquitos love the moist and dark areas. Place it close to a wall at home, next to a TV set, bedroom
drawers, bathrooms, storage room, kitchen, next to planters, on an open deck, or in a corner next to
door. These all are good locations to place in a home, hotels and other venues.
Mosquitos dislike of strong winds. Avoid places that might create wind tunnels.
Don’t place the machine close to humans. Humans are still more attractive to mosquitos than the
If you have caught mosquitos at one location, but still feel that a few of mosquitos are around. Move to
different locations to continue.
2.The operating hours are very important
It is advised to use it 24/7. Most of mosquitos like Aedes and culex only bite people at dusk and/or night;
on the other hand, the Anophele mosquitos which spreading Zika and Dengue are active during the day.
All products from other manufacturers could only catch mosquitos in the night. Maxttrac mosquito trap is
the only one proven by Chinese CDC at Beijing proven to be effective all the time.
It is most effective for mosquito traps to catch mosquitos without human presence. Hence, it is to your
advantage to leave it on 24/7. It is most effective when you are not around.

Q4: Is it true that MAXTTRAC would eliminate all mosquitos?
During the experiment, 80 to 96% mosquito’s populations were eliminated. In real open family situations,
doors and windows open and close frequently, which allow mosquitos to enter; hence, it is suggested to
leave it on 24/7 to control the mosquito population to protect children and family members.
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