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It is recommended that you place the trap according to the following conditions:


1. Locate shady areas, fallen leaves, weeds, or wet grounds that could be the main breeding grounds of mosquitoes.

Because mosquitoes do not migrate, mosquito activity is usually near breeding areas. Place Mosquito Magnets between mosquito breeding areas and people's living areas to ensure that mosquitoes are caught before approaching people.


2. Determine wind direction, then put the Mosquito Magnet upstream of any areas with mosquito activity and 9-12 meters away from human living areas.

The mosquitoes follow the upstream carbon dioxide and caught in the Mosquito Magnet


3. Place the Mosquito Magnet in a cool place.

Mosquitoes like shady and humid environments. Bright lights or strong winds might decrease the Mosquito Magnet's catching efficacy.


4. Place the Mosquit Magnet in an open space.

Dense grass or forest might interfere with the flow of carbon dioxide, so that mosquitoes can not find the Mosquito Magnet.


5.Please avoid strong light sources

Avoid high-intensity light which has a negative impact on trap efficiency.



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